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Michelle Sommer

Welcome to Michelle's homepage on the web. When I'm not busy at school or work I chill with my friends, go to bars, pretty much up for anything as long as it's fun. I then post our pictures and talk about the adventures in my life right here on my webpage. I'm just starting, so forgive me for the site looking kind of bear, this is my first time creating a webpage and blog all at the same time. I am a college student at Carson-Newman College and am a member of the Alumni Residence Hall. Stay tuned for much more very soon!

What I Like

I love to dance... a lot. Doesn't really matter what kind of music, I'm a born dancer and love everything from hiphop to R&B to old school rock. I've even been known to dance to celtic music! I play the bass guitar, I'm a sophmore and a brunette although with a little blond in the summer for some fun. I have two sisters that I love very much and following in their footsteps.